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and welcome to “Metabolically Challenged” - a blog devoted to Nutrition, General Health and Metabolic Disorders. I, Shyam Bali, a 55 year old resident of Mumbai-India, am the author and administrator of this blog. Professionally, I am into the construction business, but I’m driven by my passion to pursue varied interests with a lot of zeal and vigor. Nutrition happens to be just one of them. I’ve studied Nutrition from The University of California – Berkeley, and extensively researched diet and health from research studies and empirical data available on the internet.

It was Hippocrates (460-370 B.C), a Greek physician, who first said that all diseases begin in the gut - the digestive tract. All modern scientific studies and tools have only confirmed how right he was. I would go so far as to say, that barring accidents and inherited genetic susceptibility to certain diseases, all ill health takes root from bad dietary choices.

The content on this blog has generated from my own studies, experiences gained from scientific studies, academic literature, participation on several blogs and forums across the internet, and experiments that I have carried out on my own self and others, who ailed or were willing. Hippocrates, the wise man also said "Let thy food be thy medicine, & thy medicine be thy food". I wonder how he knew that 2500 years ago.

The material or content on this blog is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice or intervention, when required. Most times, we approach the physician when the damage has already been done. By then it is always too late, for dietary corrections. The object of this blog is to impart information so as to make those corrections, hopefully within time, so that the stage to consult the physician is either delayed or does not arise at all. But we all carry the baggage of our past actions, and nobody is immune to the ill effects of the developments in the modern world.

I hope you will enjoy reading the posts, and do look forward to your comments. Wherever possible, I will respond positively, so that good health may be yours, just for the asking.

Healthy Regards.
Shyam Bali

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Also created a YouTube Channel called Healthy Weigh. Most of these issues and more are covered there as well.

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