I am Shyam Bali, a 55 year old, resident in Mumbai-India. Professionally, I'm into construction, but I have many other passions, one of which happens to be Nutrition. I was led into this area by a chronic affliction known as Diabetes. My own success of managing the big "D" with diet & exercise alone, led me to guiding other people to follow suit. For some time, I started email threads that many followed and contributed to. The idea for this blog came about from that. To begin with, let me share my own journey into Diabetes, and consequently Nutrition. So here’s my story.

My earliest record, indicates that I was definitely metabolically challenged as early as July of 2003. Prior to that, I don’t know. In 2003 my Blood Sugar fasting / post-prandial readings were 117/136 mg/dL. Diabetic ?, maybe not yet, but definitely going that way. But I was unhealthier, way overweight, didn’t sleep well and had a host of regular minor health issues.

Fast forward to Aug 2005 and I now reported a 125/157. In retrospect, and with my self-diagnosis, I would definitely say today, that I was a confirmed diabetic. But the doctor I was consulting didn’t think so. My problem was an excruciating pain in my right calf muscle, which he diagnosed as DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis. The pain was so bad that I had difficulty walking. The 2D color Doppler scan that Dr ordered did not confirm the diagnosis, but still he did not put 2 + 2 together. I can now say that I probably suffered from PAD (peripheral arterial disease) + some neuropathic damage, brought about by my runaway sugars. But the doctor’s prognosis of DVT meant that I took blood thinners like aspirin + Vitamin E for the next 4 months, instead of treating or controlling my blood sugar.

Two years later, in August 2007, I was struck with a very serious bout of “allergic bronchitis”, something which I have struggled with since my youth. As Mumbaikars, most of us get bouts of sore throat, inflammation, cold & flu every 2-3 months. This is the same thing. This time the doctor was one of the senior most in Mumbai. By then my fasting blood sugar had risen to 219, and the good doctor put me on a steroid for the infection and a metformin + sulfonylurea combo pill for my BG. I responded very well to the pills (obviously) and the doctor wanted to send me ladoos to celebrate. He gave me a standard pamphlet of what to eat and what to avoid. Today, I can tell you, with certainty that, that advice is a recipe for disaster, and a good way to kill somebody faster.

I continued taking ½ or ¼ of those pills every day for over 2 years, with my blood sugar, doing very much what it wanted. I also tried all sorts of natural, ayurvedic, yunani and other remedies. You name it, I did it. My BG did not respond positively to any of those. Then in January 2010, I was sitting with my Guru (in more ways than one) Mr. Ashok Pandit. We were enjoying our “couple” of drinks and chatting about various things. I told him that my last fasting sugar was 173. He was very upset with my callous approach and wanted me to do something about it. Well, "something" had to be done, but we didn’t know what. Somehow, that recharged me and put me in the direction of a new mission – to control my blood sugar.

Not knowing where to go and what to do, I started first with exercise, walking anywhere between 7-11 kms a day. That helped, but the best was yet to come. In August 2010 I chanced upon a diabetes blog which was populated by some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever known. Some of them were very harsh, but I learnt most of my fundamentals there. Unfortunately, that blog has been deactivated as there was a lot of hostility there. One thing led to another, and I started reading website after website dedicated to low carbing and good health. Most of these sites are managed by doctors, biochemists or researchers and the supporting links led me to peer-reviewed scientific studies that corroborated the theories that I was beginning to believe in. By the end of that month I was a confirmed low carber – for life.

Surprisingly, no doctor ever asked me to get my A1c done. I learnt of this test on the net and started getting it done periodically on my own. By my first test, my sugars were already well controlled, and so the A1c came back as a 8.0. I am sure in my earlier days it would have been anywhere between 11 & 12. The new knowledge led to a maddening intensity of self testing and experimentation. On some days I would check my blood sugars 20 times or more, for all sorts of variables. People thought I was obsessed, and yes I was. But my large data bank only confirmed all that I had learnt. I am a high glycator (make more sugar) and have a good count of red blood cells & hemoglobin, which have always made me struggle to get my A1c as low as I would like. Even then, I’ve managed to get it down to 5.3 for some time and now it stays ~ 5.5 But someday I’m going to take up a challenge and get it under 5.0 even if just for a quarter. It can be done.

My studies on diabetes also led me into another interesting area – the lipids (fats). This is a very complicated and hugely immense area of study. I’m learning at a rapid pace and am beginning to make sense of the subject, slowly but surely. Once I had learnt all about diabetes, I naturally started advising near and dear ones on what causes high blood sugar and how to control it. But people did not take me seriously and always doubted what I had to say. Their skepticism meant, that I needed a piece of paper, which gave me the authority to advice. So I joined up for a course on Nutrition from The University of California – Berkeley. Since it was an online course, I could afford to study at my own convenience, and appear physically for the written exam, when ready. I must add that I managed to get 94% marks in that exam, while undergoing one of the most stressful periods of business life.

One thing has led to another, and here I am, conducting my business, while at the same time, devoting at least 1-2 hours every day, to further studies on nutrition and disease. Of course I spent some money on the Nutrition course. But the course was a mere formality. I already knew what I know, and was at loggerheads with my instructor, most of the times. What I really learnt, came from the internet absolutely free. Therefore I have no intention to make this a gainful occupation. I am preparing myself to be able to take up seminars & presentations on these subjects so that more and more people can avail benefit from what I learnt. A Chinese quote says it all - Every journey, however long, begins with a single step. Take yours.

However, I must add a disclaimer, that the material or advice on this blog, is not a substitute for medical care. As and when, and if required, a doctor and drugs may be the right option for you. What I have done has worked for me, because of my strict discipline. The write-ups on the blog are for information only. At times, there may be underlying medical issues, and if you suffer from any ailments, please see your doctor. 
Thank you for reading. Do also let me know a little bit about yourself.

Healthy Regards.


  1. Hallo To all,

    For those who are new for me :

    I am Shirish Kathikar. Shyam Bhai's friend from Nagpur. I am working for Indian Overseas Bank, I took promotion & was transferred to Jabalpur 9 months back.

    When I was Diagnosed Diabetic (Type 2) 2 years back immediately I took train to Mumbai to meet Shyambhai. Before that I went to my Doctor friend & he prescribed me Metmorfin 500 mg, & some Statin & some aspirin.
    Shyambhai spared 2 full days explaining me what is Diabeties and benefit of LCHF diet. From that day (2 years almost) I have stopped eating Chapati & Rice. In last 2 years I might have eaten 5/6 chapatis & 1/2 kg rice. Sweets 0nce or twice. No fruits (except Jamun & Strawberries & Guava) 2 Mango's in 2 years.
    Now a days I am staying in Jabalpur alone. Here in Jabalpur Mr.Navin Bhai Patel is taking care of my meals & he sends tiffin every afternoon & evening.
    It consists of combination of Salad, Egg, Mutton or Chicken, Sometimes Vegetable /Dal.
    All these days I was on No Roti No Rice diet but not exactly LCHF that Shyam Bhai explained. Recently I have started LCHF of Shyambhai's type.
    2 years back when I went to Shyam bhai my HbA1c was 10.5 now it is below 5.8. Sugar FA is below 100 & PP is below 110.
    I have bought exercise cycle & spend 20 mins in morning & 20 mins in evening 6 kms every time.
    I was on Metmorphin 500 mg initially. After Shyambhai's explaination slowly i reduced them (stopped Statins immediately) & since last 1 year I am 100% medicene free person. Not a single pill for head ache too. Last week I felt feverish but I followed Shyambhai's way & drank more water for 2 days & I was fine next day.
    I love whiskey but with friends only I never drink alone & that too once in a week.

    I am reading all your interactive mails which is always an source of inspiration. It updates me & sharing ones experiences we can rectify our mistakes.

    Love & Regards for all


  2. Shyam Bali, Congratulations!

    Very well put, I look forward to the blog and I know that I'm too late as you mentioned but no, I can still prevent a crippled end to my life, what with my by-pass history, a heart attacks, a pancreatitis, two strokes, insulin dependent diabetic condition with high blood pressure. but am trying to adhere to the diet plan of your suggestions and feeling much healthier. I'm 67 of age and go to work, walk about two to three miles a day and exercise for an hour. This indicates the benefits of the diet plan and the exercise. I started this diet and Exercise plan on 21st January 2013, lost 20 lbs and my insulin has gone down from 90 units to 12-15 units a day. You are God-sent.... I bless you, so that you can bless a lot more.
    Thank you

  3. Hello everyone,
    For those of you who don't know me, I am Shyam's daughter, Shruti.

    I am 26 and married since 4 years and I live in Budapest, Hungary. My husband and I have been Low Carb-High Fat since February 2013. In 5 months, I have lost 11 kilos. I started off at 64.5 kilos and today I am exactly 53.0 kilos. My husband has also lost 9 kilos. He started off at 79 kilos and he is exactly 70 kilos as of yesterday. Since we are young, we started off on this lifestyle out of sheer curiosity and a need to knock off a few post-marriage pounds. Luckily for us, we started it way before the onset of any chronic illnesses and by chance, we discovered the million other benefits of eating this way.

    I hope all of you have had or will have similar results and success stories. Hope to hear more about everyone's experiences.

  4. Hi and hello to everyone!

    Getting real good results, hats off to Mr. Shyam Bali.
    Uttank Vora

  5. Hello everybody!

    Survival without grains made easy. With the help of this diet, I have been introduced to so many other vegetarian items I was missing out on all this while.

    Thanks a ton!

  6. Hi,

    Potentially I am still the weak link as still not 100% following the prescribed diet. No excuses , but will need a stronger resolve , given my work profile and travel involved.

    Have been able to loose about 3 kilos in 2 months and sugar levels are still high but much better than 2 months back.

    It was encouraging to note Chhaya achievement and would request hr to share the gujju veggie diet she follows ??

    Intend to revert with better news next time.

    Regards ,

  7. Thank you for the introduction :)
    Firstly, congratulations on achieving 94% mark in your exam!
    I read all your previous mails which helped me understand a lot of terms I would have been unfamiliar with otherwise while reading your "my story" message. It is commendable how you not only studied your course material but also carried out so many experiments along with office work load.
    It inspires me to keep a watch on my diet even while at a restaurant. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Tanvi U Vyas

  8. Dear Shyam,
    I read your story of fighting with BG initially and now. How you emerged as
    master nutrition and developed confidence on behavior of BG. I am very much inspired by you. Thanks
    Kashyap Vyas

  9. life took a very beautiful turn when i was introduce to this lifestyle,lost 30 pounds still more to loose ,not worried about it , it will happen , but the good health has found me at last! my triglyceride which was around 430, 3 years ago, is now 97 ,all my parameters have improved,a feel good factor all the time..... and it was so easy to achieve , a simple formula !!!! no sweets, no starches and no simple carbs ,,,,,,then why such a ruckus about obesity and diabetics.cant just the doctors see it?
    thanks shyaam,for showing the right way.

  10. Hi I am Chandrakant Pujari aged 64 years, I am a diabetic since last 30 years on 500 mg of metformin 3 times a day and also having CHD since 1985. Shyamji and myself have known each other for several years because of Pistol Shooting Sports. Shyamji always use to talk of the low carbs and high fat diet. I met shyamji at the Range in the month of August and the topic of the diet cropped up again. I wanted to know what my lipid profiles were so i checked them on 15th ,August and they were very much in control like total Cholesterol was total 140, TG was 118, LDL was 78, HDL was 41 i was happy and told shyamji my results he said this is because of your statin drugs and this results does not show the condition of the heart/arteries and you must know what your Apoliprotien A, Lipoprotein (a) serum, apoliprotein (b), Hemocysteine and C.Reactive Proteinto my surprise my Lipoprotien (a) was very high to the level of 106mg/dl normal is 30mg/dl my C Protein was also high 3.18 m/l normal is 3.00 I started the LCHF diet from the 17th Aug, and on 3rd, Sept, I checked my weight and it had come down from 76 kg to 73 kg. Shyamji has been regularly monitoring my diet and my Blood Glucose levels taking personal interest. What shyamji says is true that insulin is very harmful for the body and with high fat diet you do not produce insulin because of the low production of glucose. I am going to continue this diet its difficult because i was very used to eating dosas, idli, upma, and potato chips have to give up all that but no gains without pains. So many thanks to shyamji and hope other will also follow.

  11. Dear Shyamji

    I came to your blog from It is a wonderful resource. There are so many resources on the internet, but for some reason your blog struck a chord with me - it inspires trust. I have read most of the articles already in one evening. Will read the rest soon too.

    I have a few questions and hope you can help:
    1. What is the verdict on diet Coke / diet Pepsi. With no carbs allowed on LCHF a chilled can of Diet Coke / Diet Pepsi is one of the few pleasures left. Do I need to give it up? There are so many articles that say that diet soda drinks are poisoning our bodies, and other say that there is no conclusive evidence that diet soda is bad for us. What is your conclusion on this question?

    2. A similar question - what is your recommendation on artificial sweeteners, and which one, if any do you recommend?

    3. Other than Dr Richard Bernstein's book (I have an older edition and I plan to buy the newest edition) which other book would you recommend?

    4. Any other resources you would recommend? Even if the same information is repeated I find it useful to keep reading various resources to keep my motivation up. Otherwise it is too easy for me to get lost in work and life, and keep up the fight against D.

    Thanks for putting together such a great resource. God bless you.

    Best regards

  12. Hello Sanjeeb,
    Yes I saw & "liked" the post where Shanny pointed you to the blog, given that fact that you are an Indian and might find relevant data here. As regards the personal information that you seek, may I request that you correspond with me at This for the simple reason that if we make the blog person specific it may become too lengthy for other people, who may then lose interest. I will try and answer each of your questions (and more)

  13. Wonderful blog with a very good selection of topics, together with extremely well written explanations.A more than welcome source of information where the facts and the results are in phase with each other.

    1. Here I am replying to myself ie the anonymous just above. Forgot to say that this is exactly the kind of blog I was looking for. Modern ,up to date, and presented by somebody without ulterior motives.Lucky to have found it so quickly.

  14. hello Shyam,

    I am an Australian male and sixty-four years of age. I was introduced to your fascinating blog by my elder brother who has metabolic syndrome.

    I have been aware for some time that wheat products give me asthma, it was not until I read your blog that I realized it was the inflamatory nature of insulin rather than the wheat itself that was causing the problem. Using the guidelines in the article "Basic Nutrition Tips" and some help from my brother to calculate my minimum protein requirement and the need to maintain electrolytes I started the diet one week ago.

    The improvement has been almost immediate, within days my wheezing began fading away. I have
    stopped using the preventer spray each day. I still take a puff of the releiver spray before I go out riding.
    I do a 30km ride most days of the week and it was the riding which underlined the critical need to maintain electrolytes and hydration. If I am low in either of these, I simply have no energy. I drink a commercially prepared beef stock to get the electrolytes, about one litre per day. I have made it part of my routine. One mug of beef stock at each meal and a mug when I get up in the morning--the routine is now beef stock rather than coffee.

    And, as if eliminating the wheeze wasn't enough I believe it may also be reducing the sharp pain I
    sometimes have in my elbow. This pain is fairly recent, starting perhaps one year ago, and has not bothered me enough to seek medical advice. Now, given the link between insulin and inflamation, and the link between arthritis and inflamation I would guess it is arthritis. Hopefully it will clear up before there is any need for a diagnosis.

    I would like to add one more possible benefit I attribute to this diet. I have been riding in quite low temperatures, sometimes 2-4 degrees centigrade during the middle of our winter. I believe my fingers feel less cold while I ride. My reasoning has been that asthma is a disease of constricted airways in the lung. Perhaps, at least in my case, insulin also causes constriction of blood vessels and the diet has also improved my circulation and probably my blood pressure.

    In closing, I would like to say the advice on your blog has helped me improve my health dramatically and I must thank you for the help you have given me and my brother.

    Best regards, and I would welcome your comments. I have speculated on a link between insulin and
    some diseases. Perhaps these speculations are completely unfounded and I should lower my hopes.
    I would also welcome any advice you may have regarding hydration and electrolyte balance, I find this the trickiest part of this diet.

    Melbourne, Australia.

    1. Hello Dan,

      Many thanks for your kind comments. Perhaps your immediate relief has more to do with issues of gluten intolerance and/or celiac disease. With modern grains, specifically wheat, these problems are far too common than understood or acknowledged by the medical world.

      For your specific issues, I'd suggest that you email me at & we'll take it further from there.

      Healthy regards,

  15. Dear Shyamji,

    Came here from
    Hats off to your wonderful service. I have recently started a diet which can be called LCHF (I got the inspiration from Paleo). I can see the benefits within couple of months. I lost about 10 pounds in the first month and the weight has stabilized. I am on Metformin-500 mg, Lipitor-20mg, Asprin-81 mg. I am still debating about stopping statins totally. Eager to know your take on statins.

    1. Hello Ram,
      Since you landed here from the diabetic forum I assume you are diabetic. As a diabetic, a paleo diet is unsuitable to us, as we cannot tolerate fruits and honey under any circumstances.And, I can understand the doctor's prescription of Metformin along with a Statin & a Baby Aspirin. That's their standard procedure.
      To stop the statin or continue with it, will be a call you will have to take, based on the improvement of your condition/s and close monitoring of blood counts. What I can tell you is that the pathway by which the statin reduces the manufacture of LDL is detrimental to overall health, because that metabolic pathway also halts production of 40 vital substrates required by the human body. For more on the subject do write to me. Regards. Shyam