Metabolic Syndrome

When does one become metabolically challenged

Metabolism is a term very loosely used, and understood in a variety of different ways by different people. Metabolism is not just a series of reactions associated with food, it's the whole world of reactions taking place in the body - all the time. Metabolism can be defined as "all of the chemical reactions that take place within the body". By nature, the body tries to maintain a balanced state within its interior. If something goes wrong somewhere, a compensatory reaction takes place somewhere else, to balance it. This balanced state is known as 'homeostasis'. When something goes wrong with this balanced state, and consequently the chemical processes, one becomes metabolically challenged.

It was Dr. Gerald M. Reaven who first came up with a clinical term he coined as 'Syndrome X' (in 1988) which was later changed to 'Metabolic Syndrome'. Clinically, one can be diagnosed as having 'Metabolic Syndrome' if any 3 of the following are applicable. 
  • Triglycerides > 150 mg/dL
  • High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) < 40 mg/dL
  • Blood Pressure > 130 / 85 mm Hg
  • Fasting blood glucose (FBG) > 110 mg/dL
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) ** > 30 or waist/hip ratio >0.9 in men or >0.85 in women.
Somehow all of the above symptoms go hand in hand. As soon as one of them puts it's foot in the door, you can rest assured, the others WILL follow. So what does one do when afflicted by them. Naturally, seek medical assistance and intervention. The medical fraternity has strong affiliations to the food & the pharma industry. Their conventional wisdom and practices, push them to prescribe medication upon medication and give standard dietary advice. Some of these modern medicines have a dubious record of dangerous and life threatening side effects. The standard dietary advice only pushes you deeper into the problem, and towards more stronger medication.

What then, is the way out of this metabolic mess. The first step is to learn the truth - about diet. The second is to experiment, with an open scientific mind. The third, after analysis & evaluation - change. That's all that you are required to do - Learn, Experiment, Change. 

This blog is all about the metabolic disorders brought on by modern lifestyles and how to reset your metabolic clock so that good health is yours for the asking.

Healthy Regards.
** The Body Mass Index (BMI) also known as The Quetelet Index can be determined as follows
Weight in kg Height in (mtr)2  OR Weight in lbs Height in (inch)2 x 703


  1. I am now in Learning Process. And doing experiments in my diet as you say.I learn to teach myself..sometimes we are teacher or adviser for others,but when we become Teacher or Adviser for ourselves then only we can be Success in our Experiment..That you've already proved.
    I am enjoying this new lifestyle of WoE.
    Thanks to you & thanks to Ami too because..
    Guru-Govind dou khade kake lagu pau..Bali hari guru aapne govind diyo batay...

  2. People of any age will be very glad when they come across all the great information here. I have had all the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome since I was aware of my body. Its pretty easy to see, its all about the fat around your middle. Many years ago it was called Syndrome X. In any event none of my doctors ever said anything , probably they didnt know anythig about it. Later on I followed the high carb low fat way of eating and this not improve situation ,it just left me hungry all the time. In the meantime I had a heart attack and later had to have by-pass surgery.
    Even after all this the advice was to go high carb-low fat.Early in 2013 I was diagnosed with prediabetes and immediately offered medication to reduce blood glucose values etc. I politely rejected the offer because this time I was DETERMINED to try and do the healiing process without pills. I looked around the Internet and started using the advice given by some of the national diabeties associations. Plenty of grains etc. I also purchased a glucometer and some test strips.The results were NOT good, and I was following the instructions like a disiplined combat soldier. In the end I did more searches for alternative ways of eating and came across one of the big diabetic forums where some of the members were complaining of the same results ie they followed the rules but the results were no good. Somebody mentioned that the only way he had found to work was LCHF. So I had to decipher what LCHF ment and the rest is history. Lower weight, 40Kg less,lower blood glucose, lower triglycerides, higher HDL, lower blood pressure, drastically reduced amount of medications etc.

    The beginning was not without some difficulty because I had to overcome the carbohydrate addiction etc but that soon passes. All the other information is available here on this blog, all one needs to do is make the effort and you can turn your health around 180 degrees. I genuinley used to think that all these success stories were fabricated or that it only works for others. Not so ,it really works.
    If members here discuss their problems then others will be able to help out, newcomers will benifit from the experience of others and allow them to "get it right " from the beginning.

    What could be more satisfying than translating the modern knowledge that Shyam has offered into greatly improved health for yourself and the loved ones around you.

    One last point, there is a saying that goes like this" remember that there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers."